November is Murder Mystery Month

The Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville Michigan is hosting a Murder Mystery each weekend in November. Spend the weekend in Jonesville and join other like-minded people for Saturday’s evening of adult-themed fun. Guests just come-as-you-are for dinner while the hosts dress them up with props from the costume closet. There is no pressure to rent a costume, find period garb, or to sit in clothes that are not tailor made. The hats and beads at the inn will allow players to change their personality while keeping them comfortable in their own clothes.
Mike and Lori Venturini, innkeepers at the Munro House B&B, have hosted hundreds of Murder Mysteries since the dawn of the new millennium at their historic home. They have chosen scripts and worked out the details to create a fun atmosphere for adults to enjoy a great meal and have a good time in a small town in South Central Michigan. They have created a game that is more about being outrageous, having fun, and interacting with new friends than it is about becoming a Crime Scene Investigator for the night.
A typical murder mystery dinner begins with shrimp cocktail and an introduction to each person’s character. Soup, salad, and entree are served while guests play the game–a nice, thick, rib eye steak has been the most common main course. Players find out who-done-it over dessert. A complete Murder Mystery Dinner lasts about 3 hours. A successful event is made evident by the amount of laughter coming from the dining room. Many guests are still addressed as their previous night’s character over breakfast the next morning.
November 6-7 is already sold out, but there are currently available seats on the weekends of November 13-14, 20-21, and 27-28. Mike & Lori have always had enough people to play the game, so there are no worries about an event being cancelled. No need to bring all of your friends to fill the table, but you could if you wanted to. The Munro House offers a discounted “Gobbler” special over Thanksgiving weekend–November 27-28. Just ask for it when you make your reservation.

November is Murder Mystery month in Jonesville. Come out and have a good time.

Mike Venturini – Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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  1. I'm soooo tempted to steal your great idea for our Adventure Inn Bed and Breakfast because we have in storage a treasure trove of '40s-to-'60s hats and jewelry that belonged to Nicholas' delightfully flamboyant mother. But, with only two rooms, we don't have enough people to populate a Mystery Weekend. Have fun with yours.

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