Wind Farm in Cadillac MI

A 4 hour trip from Jonesville to Traverse City, MI took us through Cadillac–which is the site of a Wind Farm that generates electricity from huge wind turbines that are situated on farmland near the woodlands of Northern Michigan. These power generators are huge–they dwarf a 2 1/2 story farmhouse in Michigan’s north woods.

There is a lot of controversy that surrounds the building of these mammoth generators of wind power. Most of the debate is about sight and sound nuisance along with unknown long-term health effects on humans and animals.  The first siting of these giants rising above the tree line makes them a truly awesome vision and feat of engineering.
This form of “green energy” could help curtail our reliance on coal, oil, and nuclear power along with the pollution they produce. Fear of the unknown sight and health effects are the biggest obstacles plaguing the wind power industry. However, in the right location, they could be a savior to an ever increasing pollution problem and could help keep down the cost of electricity.

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One thought on “Wind Farm in Cadillac MI

  1. We drove through the area where these amazing structures are located today. Honestly, I struggle to see eye-to-eye with those who think that there is a noise problem associated with these turbines. My family stood directly below one of them as it spun rapidly in the breeze and the wind blowing through the trees produced more sound than the swooshing fan.

    Though I can't speak for the long term health affects they have on surrounding homes (none?) I'm pretty sure they aren't as impact full as acid rain and the millions of tons of CO2 that coal fired plants have…

    Either way, they are well worth the five minute detour off of 131 if you are in the area! An amazing human achievement!

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