Lodging when Visiting Litchfield Michigan

Litchfield is a city of about 1500 people in south central Michigan. The main road through town is highway 99. This highway is mostly traveled by locals, so if someone isn’t specifically going to the Litchfield area, they will probably choose an alternate route to get to their destination.


There is a lot of industry in Litchfield. Their industrial park is the envy of cities that are much larger. Tenneco, Hi-Lex, and Metaldyne are just a few of many factories located in Litchfield.


It is surprising that hotels, motels, and fine dining restaurants did not sprout up to support the workers in these factories–and the people who come to visit them. There is no accredited lodging establishment in town.


Jonesville is just 10 minutes away. The Munro House Bed and Breakfast is the closest lodging facility. Business travelers can expect a comfortable room, free wi-fi internet, a big breakfast, and a corporate rate at the Munro House. There are also 10 restaurants within a mile covering a variety of tastes. Fast food, diner food, bar food, pizza, barberque, Mexican, Chinese, and fine dining are all in town, some a short walk from the Munro House.


But not everyone who comes to Litchfield is travelling for business. Family reunions, graduations, funerals, birthdays, and anniversaries happen everywhere. So when out-of-town guests need a reasonably located place to stay for a day or longer, the Munro House B&B in Jonesville is close, comfortable, and convenient. Discounts are available on many dates throughout the year, and an extremely reasonable bereavement rate is always available to funeral attendees.


There are many small towns in America that just can not support a decent hotel or motel. That is when the savvy traveler will seek out a bed and breakfast. They are almost always a step up in service and hospitality and are reasonably priced when the location and all of the amenities are factored in.


Mike Venturini – Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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