Hillsdale County Treasure Hunt

Last Year’s Lewis Emery Treasure Hunt Welcome Letter and First Clue
Last year’s winner gets to sponsor this year’s 77th annual Lewis Emery Treasure Hunt around Hillsdale County.  Also called the Lewis Family Treasure Hunt, the event is traditionally held on the Saturday before Halloween.  Many local towns will not celebrate Halloween on a Sunday and move it to Saturday, so this year’s Treasure Hunt is being held on the second Saturday before Halloween, October 23, so that Trick or Treating will not be disturbed.
Last Year’s Hillsdale County Scavenger Hunt Assembly of Participants
Treasure seekers gather at 6:00 p.m. at the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds.  The weather generally dictates the number of participants. Last year’s temperatures in the low 30’s and a constant light mist did not deter 94 teams from solving 10 clues that lead to the treasure.  Some are in it for the cash prizes and some are just in it for fun.
Treasure Hunt Suggested Supplies and Equipment
The puzzles, riddles, and cyphers take participants on a trip throughout Hillsdale County that could take 6-8 hours, or more.  A full tank of gas, flashlights, GPS, the Bible, almanacs, phone books, scissors, tape, can openers, and knowledge of the area have been helpful in the past.  A smart phone with excellent reception in rural areas could be invaluable.
Treasure Hunt Watch Dog and Guardians
The clues will take participants to public areas around the county.  In the past, there have been clues hidden in and around parks, cemeteries, railroad crossings, and intersections. There have also been clues associated with public buildings, signs, and landmarks.  The clues located in more sensitive areas are monitored by friends of the sponsors.
The location of the Celebration following the Treasure Hunt
Everyone celebrates at the final destination with food, conversation, and revelry.  Last year’s feast included barbeque sandwiches and cake.  The Hillsdale County Scavenger Hunt is a much anticipated annual event.  Sign up early at Celebrations Unlimited at 40 E Bacon in Hillsdale, or call for info at 517-439-9810
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