Peak Season for Fall Colors in Michigan

It is a sure sign of Fall colors peak season in Michigan when the Black Walnut trees lose all of their leaves.  There are several black walnut trees in my yard at the Munro House B&B in Jonesville Michigan.  I picked the last big bunch of walnuts last week and waited for the remainder to fall.  There were heavy winds overnight with a bit of rain which led to bare trees this morning. As the pictures show, there are bare walnut trees out front, maple trees in the foreground have just begun to turn color, and brightly colors of yellow, orange, and red leaves in the background.
Fall is my favorite time of year. I love a bright sunshiny day, brisk air, and a long slow ride on my motorcycle.  Lori and I have taken many fall color tours in Southern Michigan during the past month with no destination in mind. Our goal was to just get out and enjoy the day. Country roads flanked by harvested fields and the myriad of colors of the tree lines and forests made for a very pleasureable ride.  We always ended up at a small town bar or restaurant to seek out another awesome cheeseburger.  The vast majority of burgers we have found, in the most unlikely of places, ranked from very good to awesome on our taste chart.
With peak fall color season in Michigan upon us, the viewing days are now limited.  The wonderful scenery will only decline with the temperature.  We are still expecting at least 2 more weeks of enjoyable Fall colors in Southern Michigan.  With Jonesville having not yet experienced a frost, the colors could extend into mid-November. Any day is still a good day to getaway for a Fall colors package.

Mike Venturini
Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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