Indian Summer in Michigan

The leaves have turned and most have fallen. There have been several hard frosts. Now the weather has changed and warmed up into the 70’s for daytime highs. We have been experiencing an Indian Summer for this entire week. It has been, and may continue to be, a wonderful time to go out and enjoy bright sunshiny days in Southern Michigan.

Farmers are harvesting their fields, plowing under the remains of this year’s crop, spreading fertilizer, and preparing for the next growing season in Michigan. Lakes and parks are quiet as the kids are in school on weekdays. It is a great time to getaway to Southern Michigan where it is easy to relax and enjoy a slower pace and enjoy the Earth-tone Fall colors.

The fallen leaves have left bare trees. Most of the amber fields of corn have been picked, while some fields are still full of stalks. Much of the farmland is flat, while some is rolling or rests on a vast incline. The contrasting colors in the gold to brown spectrum are evident between the forests, tree lines, and fields with occasional patches of green along with bright red or white barns and big blue silos.

The parks are absent of activity, but the beauty of the wandering paths, bridges, and streams, are easy to enjoy. Peaceful days spent in the comfort of the cool crisp weather is a stark contrast to the crowds, heat, and humidity of Summer. Fall in Southern Michigan is my favorite time to getaway to take in the beauty of nature.

There are many things to do in Southern Michigan. They are just not as obvious as things are that are near Lake Michigan or the Mackinac Bridge. Small towns and rural areas have cleverly hidden attractions that appeal to locals and visitors alike.  There are over 100 lakes in Hillsdale County alone. Many of these lakes also have parks, picnic areas, and hiking paths.  The Baw Beese and the Falling Waters are “Rails to Trails” paved, off-road hiking, biking, and skating paths located within 20 minutes of the Munro House in Jonesville. Both of these are a part of the longest hiking trail in North America, the North Country Trail.

A weekday bike ride or a weekend trek across several counties is my idea of a perfect day. The number of days to comfortably enjoy the outdoors this year is limited. A Southern Michigan getaway when the temperatures remain above 50 degrees with bright sunshine is my favorite time to get out of the house in October and November.

Mike Venturini
Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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