Something to Do on New Years Day in Michigan

New Years Day 2010 will be a better getaway holiday this year because it falls on a weekend.  Most everyone does something special for New Years Eve, but they just stay home on New Years Day to watch college football bowl games.  With New Years Day occurring on a Saturday, for a change, it is an ideal day for a winter getaway and do something different, interesting, and fun with your friend or lover.
Chef Night is an interactive cooking party being held on New Years Day at the Munro House in Jonesville, Michigan.  The kitchen will be open at 3:30, so all guests must arrive by 3:00.  Reservations are required. The event lasts about 6 hours and nobody has to drive home because everyone is spending the night.


In our busy lives, there is seldom time to prepare a 3 course meal for our own families. On Chef Night, regular people help to prepare a 7 course feast for themselves and other guests (up to 14!) with helpful instructions available from the hostess.  This year’s theme is “international”. Food from across the country and around the world will be prepared by 2 person teams of amateur chefs. Favorite and familiar dishes will be served along with tempting and exotic selections that are just not available on many menus in any restaurant. Past favorites and new selections from several continents will be produced on the first day of the year.
Many guests have chose to dress-up in a theme from the country of their choice. We’ve seen togas, lederhosen, leis, and more.  With Austin Powers being the International Man of Mystery, and this being an international food menu, 60’s fashion is the suggested dress-up theme.  Some guests find it more festive to create a “look” for the day, and some people create a new look just by putting on an apron.
The 6 hour interactive cooking and eating food party costs $299 per couple and includes bed and breakfast.  It’s a one night package with limited availability. Mention this blog post and give us the secret word “YEAH BABY, YEAH” to get a voucher for 10% off of this one night package only. 7 days notice required.
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Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
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