Test Driving Victory Motorcycles in Coldwater MI

I needed a new front tire for my Honda GoldWing Motorcycle and took it to Planet Powersports in Coldwater MI to have the work done. On this day, the people from Victory Motorcycles were promoting their American-Made bikes by offering free test rides at this dealership during their Fuel It Demo Tour. They had a dozen or more motorcycles to ride in various styles and sizes. All that was required was a motorcycle endorsement on a valid drivers license. 
I had an hour to kill so I signed up at the registration desk. They made sure I was licensed, took my personal information, and gave me a wristband identifying me as a legal rider. They then gave me a certificate for $1,000 in accessories if I purchase a Victory Motorcycle within 2 weeks.

The touring bikes were already reserved, so I chose a Victory Vision 8 Ball Cruiser. About a dozen riders drove off in formation with Victory representatives in the lead and tail positions. We took a half hour ride around the backroads of Branch County then got up to highway speed on the interstate before finishing the tour back at the dealership.


The repairs on my bike were not yet complete, so I went back to see if there was another bike available. I was in luck–there was one left–a Vegas Cruiser. I hopped on and joined the group for another fun ride on a beautiful day in Southern Michigan.


This is what I know: My next new bike will have a windshield, satellite radio, and an ipod dock. 
The power of the Victory Motorcycles I rode were impressive. Very good pick-up, smooth ride, nice to look at, easy to handle, and a light rumble–not noisy like a Harley. American-Made is another big plus for the Victory. 
I am not in the market for a new bike right now, so my certificate will probably go to waste. However, when I am in the market for a new bike in the next couple of years, Victory Motorcycles will be in the mix.

Mike Venturini
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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