About Repairing a Water Damaged Ceiling

The shower leaked in one of our 2nd floor bathrooms–but it didn’t leak into the tub or onto the floor, it leaked into the wall, so there was never a pool of water to let us know that something was wrong. The parlor ceiling below is 40’X20′ and made of plaster, so the water took a long time to soak through. Once it did, the damage became quickly evident.

First, I called Ryan and Bradshaw Plumbing and Heating–they are the local guys who know the inner workings of this big old house best. Then I called the Wall Doctors by Mark Goldsmith–they do all of our paint and wallpaper jobs and I wanted to be sure we could be fit into their busy schedule. Finally, I notified Thompson-Roberts–my insurance agency–they recommended Serv-Pro of Branch County to remove the water damage.

Everyone sprang into action and within a day I had the leak identified and repaired; I had the ceiling opened, damage controlled, and dryers running; plus, I got a firm time-table for the drying process so the painters could plan to repair the hole and repaint it without disrupting my business too much.

Everything was done in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner for all tasks performed and I am satisfied with the results. The work was done in a way to minimize the discomfort of the project. We are back up and running like nothing ever happened. Our thanks go out to the fine local companies who did everything they were supposed to do quickly and efficiently.

Mike Venturini
Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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  1. Thats the usual problem if there is shower room at the second floor of our house.If we plan to have a shower room make sure the installation of that connect at shower are put in properly.

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