Girls Night Out Part 3-Cooking Party

Sylvia and her girlfriends had a murder mystery dinner and a spa day to begin their women’s weekend getaway in Southern Michigan. Now it was time for the original Chef Night Cooking Party–a regular event we have been hosting for years. This is not a class, it is a party where teams of 2 work together to do their part in creating a feast. On this day, we created 11 dishes for all participants to enjoy–3 appetizers, 1 soup, 1 salad, 2 entrees with 2 side dishes, and 2 desserts.

Modern and classic music were played in the prep areas while a tight kitchen added to the fun. Everything but the salad needed to be cooked, but with just a standard 4 burner stove to cook all this food, some negotiating was in order. With everyone being an experienced cook, instructions were kept to a minimum while the hosts were on-hand to locate particular utensils and equipment. Because not all stoves or microwaves are created equal, there was a fair amount of help required to cook in the convection oven or to program the microwave.

The first appetizer came out in the first hour, while additional appetizers followed. The actual meal was served 3 hours after the start of the event. We ate like royalty from an uncommon menu. Bruschetta, seafood nachos, and cheddar bay biscuits are favorite starters that were well-received. Cream of asparagus soup and Greek salad comprised the next 2 courses. Chicken Lombardy and Shrimp Parmesan were flanked by lentil/rice pilaf and carrots Marsala. We finished the evening with fresh raspberry cobbler and Lori’s Secret Recipe Crepes.

We went 11 for 11 with successful menu choices and chef expertise. Everything was great–but the bruschetta, chicken, and crepes were outstanding.

Many people do not cook from scratch anymore. Prepared foods are very common, very good, and very quick to prepare. Going “old school” with nothing prepackaged was a nice change. Cooking with a partner was another great experience that is becoming a forgotten art. We encourage camaraderie, patience, and new experiences at the Munro House. Interaction of diverse personalities while completing a common task is a fun way to have a hands-on, fun-time experience in our kitchen.

Our complete menu is titled “General Sylvia 11” and is online at

Mike Venturini
Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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