2011 Hillsdale County Treasure Hunt

I’m excited!  The 78th annual Lewis Family Treasure Hunt–also known as the Emery Treasure Hunt–takes place Saturday, October 22. Sign up at Celebrations Unlimited – 40 E. Bacon – Hillsdale, MI. Late sign up 5:00
p.m. at Hillsdale County Fairgrounds the day of the hunt. Cost is $20 per carload. We expect to drive around 200 miles and not leave the county! we expect to experience dirt roads that we didn’t know existed, we expect to have a lot of fun.

The hunt takes participants around Hillsdale County seeking clues to the location of the next puzzle. The puzzles are hidden in public places–never on private property. We expect to visit parks, bridges, parking lots, and intersections in rural areas. There are usually 10 clues, which means 10 puzzles to decipher that will take teams to their final destination where cash prizes are awarded to the fastest finishers, along with food and beverages for everyone.

My team of 5 is set with experience totalling 6 treasure hunts–we have 2 virgins this year. We will drive one vehicle across the county with hopes of breaking into the top 10 of around 100 teams. Tools are being organized to help us solve the puzzles. We will have flashlights, GPS, smart phones, scissors, pencils, markers, a can opener, tape, the Bible, maps, string, phone book, magnifying glass, today’s newspaper, extra batteries, a full tank of gas, clipboards, and the desire to complete the tour before midnight.

Wishing everyone good weather, good luck, and good fun!

Mike Venturini

Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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