Cool Christmas Ornaments

I have collected some pretty cool Christmas ornaments over the years. We consistantly add new bangles that may be trendy, memorable, or commemorative for our life experience. My son gave me a “Dandy Dad” ornament when he was in 1st or 2nd grade. That inspired me to want to relive important things in my life. Now when we put up the Christmas tree, it is like opening a diary or history of who we were, what we did, and what we enjoyed about our life.

The Facebook and the Words with Friends logo ornaments remind me of how I stayed connected on the internet and sharpened my Scrabble playing skills. The Michael Jackson ornament helps me remember an entertainer who ruled the world of music while being within weeks of being the same age as my wife. The Seoul Tower ornament commemorates our trip to South Korea that was our first travel experience to the Far East. The Titletown Ornament brings back great memories of my experience as a sponsor of the Green Bay Packers when I lived in Wisconsin and the fun I had being the holder of my company’s season tickets for most of the 1990’s.

New ornaments will be purchased or constructed to continue displaying the good things about our life.

Mike Venturini

Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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