Picasso Cats at Toasted Mud

Another vase has been painted. Another Picasso Cat is added to the collection. Lori Venturini is dropping by Toasted Mud
pottery studio in Hillsdale
 and working on several projects over the course of days or weeks. These projects are relaxing, creative, and fun. She is getting better and faster while spending peaceful time with friends and acquaintances who share an interest in art. Kids, singles, couples, and groups gather at Toasted Mud to create masterpieces to look at or to use. We like to enjoy these projects by using them as they were intended. We eat from the bowls, serve from the plates, and will put flowers in the vases.

Mike Venturini

Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper

“Life is good in Jonesville”

1 thought on “Picasso Cats at Toasted Mud

  1. Those are really cool, you should sell them, I bet they would fly off the shelf, if I did not have a million mugs already I would love one…..Scott E.

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