Murder Mystery Dinner May 25-26

Another Murder Mystery Dinner has been added to the calendar at Munro House B&B in Jonesville Michigan for the weekend of May 25-26. Guests participate in an interactive game where one of them has committed the murder of a mutual acquaintance. No one knows who did it so there is a lot of lies, deceit, and finger-pointing throughout the evening. After all the clues have been uttered, there is a discussion amongst the participants about the motive and opportunity for everyone involved to have possibly committed the crime. The final showdown has everyone laying out a case and guessing who did it and why. Our hostess then reveals who didn’t do it, and why; until it becomes quite obvious who the guilty party actually is. All of this adult fun occurs while wearing a funky hat and enjoying a 5 course dinner with new friends at the big table at Munro House.

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