Radio Sponsored Wedding in Hillsdale MI

A one-of-a-kind wedding was held in Hillsdale Michigan on the grounds of radio station WCSR. A former employee was looking for something unusual, unique, and uncostly. The station found local sponsors who provided services in trade for advertising. Everything was sponsored from the tent to the flowers to the place to stay on the wedding night–the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville.

The tent held about 50 guests while the entire ceremony was broadcast live on the radio. The groom’s suit, the bridal gown, the flowers, and the wedding bands were all provided by local businesses. Local radio personality Bob Flynn hosted the nuptials and interviewed the bridal couple after the event. They drove away in a convertible donated by a local dealership.

The families and guests seemed pleased with the turnout and vendor participation in this interesting alternative wedding. The radio station did an outstanding job of organizing, promoting, and pulling off this important event. The children in the wedding party were very well-behaved. A hot but comfortable day was enjoyed by all. Full photo gallery on facebook.

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  1. Hi Mike…Is there a way I could purchase a copy of the top picture? The photo is of two VERY special people to me…my husband & daughter. I just love the emotion that you captured. Thanks! Lisa Green

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