For Foodies Only–Chef Night Cooking Party

Foodies will be gathering at Munro House B&B in Jonesville for the weekend of August 10-11 to participate in the interactive Chef Night Cooking Party. Up to 14 guests will arrive on Friday to enjoy dinner for 2 at the best restaurant in town–Olivia’s Chop House. We’ll serve breakfast on Saturday morning, then there will be free time to get a massage, go shopping in Allen–the antique capital of Michigan, or just relax until the party starts around 3:00. Everyone will get a recipe and a partner. Together these couples will prepare a portion of a multiple course dinner feast with familiar and exotic recipes chosen by our hostess. We make breakfast on Sunday and send you back home.

This Michigan foodie weekend is designed for amateurs only. Just add $169 to the cost of your room for 2 nights of food fun in Jonesville.


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