NASCAR Traffic in Jonesville MI

The NASCAR traffic leaving Michigan International Speedway (MIS) on race day and heading West goes right through downtown Jonesville on US Highway 12. The Jonesville police work with MIS to keep the traffic moving. Officers are stationed at the traffic signals and adjust the lights to keep stopping to a minimum while allowing local traffic to cross with little interruption.


Local residents like to sit downtown and watch the NASCAR traffic go by. People from the neighborhood set up camp chairs downtown in the park to check out the flow of cars, trucks, campers, and buses. There is a lot of pointing and waving and a fair amount of photographs are taken. It is something for people of Jonesville to do on race night.

Guests at the Munro House B&B only have to contend with traffic for the first 30 miles. They spend the night in Jonesville, have a big breakfast, then head out the next day when most of the traffic has already passed through town.


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