The storm, the tree, and the truck

A freak storm attacked Jonesville last week. The 100′ tall tree next to my parking lot lost a 60′ long branch that fell on my truck. The power lines were down, along with the cable and telephone wires.

It was obvious that the truck was beyond repair. The integrity of the cab was compromised to the point that it would cost more to fix it than to replace the entire vehicle. My insurance company reported my truck was a total loss. Auto Owners paid off my loan and cut me a check that is big enough for a down payment on a new truck.

The Consumers Energy trucks came out to service the electricity in the neighborhood. Power was restored within 8 hours. The cable guys came out and got us back online the next morning. We are still waiting for the phone company to restring the wires that are working, but are unprofessionally propped up just to be out of the way.


The Village of Jonesville was on the scene immediately to keep the public safe from the live power lines that had fallen in the street. They returned the next morning with chain saws and a clean-up crew to clear the sidewalk of debris. They cleaned my entire parking lot.


We are now in the market for a new truck and have found one that is being serviced before we test drive it, pick it up, and bring it home.


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