Horseback Riding in Hillsdale MI

Lori Venturini has 2 horses. Raven is a solid black 16 year old mare. Nero is a 3 year old black colt with white socks and a blaze. Nero is kept at Wingate Farms in Hillsdale and is becoming a trail horse.  The regular horse camps at Wingate for kids are a good match for youngsters who want to learn to ride, and horses who need to learn how to be ridden.

Nero has been saddle broke, but needs to spend time on the trails to learn his responsibility to the riders of different abilities. He is comfortable around the numerous things that are known to spook horses. Lori has taken the time to train him to be confident that the rider will not lead him into danger.
The horse camps are designed for kids to learn responsibility, leadership, and cooperation. The kids ride for several hours a day and are responsible for the well being of the horse from making him ready to ride, to proper saddling, to safe riding, to feeding, watering, and cool down.
4-H is a big activity for youth in this rural area. A young horse like Nero is a good experience for kids to learn the patience, caring, and training that goes into making horseback riding a partnership between people and animals.

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