Birthday Bucket List Segway Ride


One of many items on my bucket list is to ride a Segway. Today was my birthday, so my choice was to drive to Detroit, rent a Segway, and tour the biggest city in Michigan. We rented the vehicles from a place called Segways2U at the Renaissance Center. A guide took us on a tour through the downtown, out to the stadiums, down the waterfront, and back during a 2 hour trip. We stopped and chatted at many historic buildings and points of interest learning a lot about this great city.


The Segways are a little awkward for the first 10 minutes. Then, we found ourselves naturally starting, stopping, and turning with little, or no effort. We must have covered 10-15 miles of terrain in no time at all. We buzzed through Greek Town and out to Comerica Park and Ford Field on a hot Summer day at an enjoyable pace. The history of the city, its buildings and parks were an enlightening experience. We rode along the River Walk and through several parks. Detroit was much easier to navigate than expected, and was no where near as congested as other big cities I have encountered.


I know of no one who has gone to Detroit for a getaway. Detroit is where you go for a sporting event, to gamble at a casino, or to use the airport. We were pleasantly surprised at the condition of this once great city. The metamorphosis is coming to fruition as this city pulls itself away from a bad reputation. The stories told by our tour guide of the early settlers, the change makers, and the revitalization of the city were inspiring. We enjoyed the cleanliness of the city, the politeness of the other pedestrians, and the spirit of the people we encountered. Detroit is a pleasant and safe place to visit that we will return to on future occasions.


Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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