About Railroad Train Schedules in Jonesville

I have lived in Jonesville, MI since 1999, and just saw my first railroad train passing through town. I have heard trains haphazardly over the years, but was never near the tracks when a train went rumbling by. Today, traffic was stopped while a freight train with about 6 cars crossed the highway. It was so unusual to me, that I called the Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company to find out about their schedule. I was told that there are a few trains that consistently go out every week servicing industry in Hillsdale, Jonesville, and Coldwater. They leave town at about 7 AM and return around 3 PM. I am usually making breakfast around 7 and greeting guests around 3–it’s no wonder I had not seen one in Jonesville before. Today my schedule was different, and the mystery was solved!

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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  1. Mr. Mike,

    Good Day! I enjoy and am amused by your insights on your blog. I think how you try to look differently at normal things is interesting and I think it reveals how you handle your Bed and Breakfast. It seems you really try to look at the comfort and fun for your guests differently that most establishments. Not always the head-on approach. Much more of a human view than a business view!

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