Movie Review – James Bond: Skyfall ***


Daniel Craig is back as British Secret Agent 007- James Bond in Skyfall. A hard drive with a list of secret agents is stolen and Bond’s assignment is to retrieve it. He fails and the names of individuals who have infiltrated various groups and governments around the world become targets. The movie begins in typical James Bond fashion with a spectacular chase scene that includes, cars, motorcycles, a train, and a steam shovel. The motorcycle segment may be the best chase of its kind in any movie. Then the story gets really slow and nostalgic and falls apart. The bad guy is pretty good, but there are only a couple of Bond girls, and neither was a 10. M’s part was too big, and Q’s was too small. References to 1960’s Bond movies went over most young people’s heads. I liked the acting, but not the story. Only 3 of 5 stars from me.

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