$1,000 Wedding in 2012

Munro House in Jonesville can still get you married in 2012. With just 3 weekends left in the year, couples who want to tie the knot can do it in Michigan with a single phone call. The thousand dollar wedding package is ideal for elopements, second time around marriages, and couples on a budget. The package includes the wedding venue, bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, officiant, plus a custom cake reception for up to 20 people, along with 2 nights bed and breakfast for the newlyweds.

Munro House is always classically and comfortably decorated. A tight bouquet of red roses is ordered for the bride while a single rose is reserved for the groom. Reverend Mike is also the innkeeper and on call for all wedding services. Our baker can make almost any cake you can conceptualize, or just show us a photo and we will recreate it just for you. Any available room is yours for 2 nights. Choose a standard guest room, a room with a fireplace, or a big room with a fireplace and a double Jacuzzi tub for a memorable wedding night. A big breakfast is served every day. Lori’s secret recipe Belgian Waffles are world reknown, our French Toast tastes a lot like a Cinnabon, and our eggs can be fried, scrambled, or served as an omelet.

This complete package can be scheduled on short notice on any available date. Just bring your wedding license and we take care of the rest. An affordable, elegant wedding ceremony can be performed in front of our soap opera Chistmas tree on most days in December. Three days notice appreciated.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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