Movie Review: Django-Unchained ****

Django Unchained is a Quentin Tarantino movie set in the pre-civil war South. Django is a runaway slave who has been captured and being marched to a new plantation when a bounty hunter offers to purchase him from his captors. Django knows the identity of some wanted criminals and could help the bounty hunter make a big payday. It turns out that the captors are wanted by the law, are all killed, and are turned in for the reward money. This starts a partnership by the now free man Django and the bounty hunter. The unlikely pair ride throughout the South and make money by finding criminals and turning them in dead or alive. Django likes the idea of getting paid to kill white people.

Django is in search of his wife who was separated from him after they both tried to escape from a plantation. Assuming that getting her back will be difficult, they set up a ruse to trick her current owners into giving her back for a reasonable price. That’s when the mass killings begin.

It’s a Tarantino movie. Expect lots of graphic violence and language that is appropriate (inappropriate) for the time period–with extreme use of profanity and usage of the “N” word–I lost count at 51.

I was disappointed with the soundtrack. Only one memorable song during the movie. On a rank of 1 to 5 stars, I give it a 4. It is just shy of 3 hours long and has something extra after the credits roll, so hang around until the very end.

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