Movie Review: Jack Reacher *****

Jack Reacher is a movie starring Tom Cruise set in Pittsburgh. A sniper kills random people in a park. Evidence at the scene leads the police to a military sniper who did a similar crime while in the service. He is caught and only says “get Jack Reacher” before he is beaten and put into a coma. It turns out that Jack Reacher is the military private eye who put the case together that convicted him of the previous crime. Reacher puts the crime scene back together to prove the guy is guilty, or innocent.

This is a great story of crime, suspense, and mystery in a legal-military style. The film is expertly put together and keeps the audience entertained while unraveling the clues that leads to the planning and execution of the crime along with a verdict. There is an almost perfect murder, a great chase scene, a deep investigation, a twist, and a final solution. 5 out of 5 stars.

Jack Reacher is a character in multiple novels by Lee Child. I hope and expect more of the same type movie made form these books that will involve this interesting character.

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