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“Lincoln” is a Steven Spielberg movie that tells the story of how the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution was argued and inevitably ratified. President Abraham Lincoln has already written the Emancipation Proclamation, which started the American Civil War, but slavery was still being practiced in the Confederate States. For slavery to be truly abolished, an Amendment to the Constitution had to be written.

The South was already beaten and ready for peace, but there was fear that if the war ended too soon, there would be no possibility to pass the 13th Amendment that would abolish slavery forever. The conflict became a choice of quickly ending slavery, or quickly ending the war. The political game had to be played to make an unpopular vote that was surely 20 votes short of the required two thirds majority for ratification. Coercion, bribery, promises, and bullying tactics were used to try to swing a sufficient number of representatives to vote in favor of ratification.

I know “Lincoln” has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards
and it tells an important historical story, but I just can not recommend
this movie as a source of entertainment. Bring your parents, not your
kids. I give it just 2 of 5 stars. In my close-to-sold-out theater,
there were only a few patrons younger than me–I’m 55.

For me, the movie could have been shortened from 150 to 75 minutes. There was a lot of needless personal stories and an incredibly large cast of bit parts who became hard to follow. Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones put on accents and talked so fast that it became difficult to process what they had said. Daniel Day-Lewis was fine, but he did not move me as portraying the greatest President of all time.

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