Movie Review: Parker ****

Parker” is a heist movie starring Jason Statham. Parker is a thief with morals–he only steals from people who can afford it and he only kills people who deserve it. His morality is greatly portrayed in scene from the theft of the days receipts at a state fair where he calms a security officer who is having a panic attack during the robbery. After a successful robbery, he becomes the odd-man-out in a double-cross by the other members of the gang. He is shot and left for dead, but is saved by passersby.

Previously discussed clues to the next big job lead him to Miami where he seeks help to figure out what they are trying to steal and from whom they are plotting to take it. He befriends a struggling real estate agent who helps him figure out the details of the robbery. His plan then becomes to watch the theft, then steal it away from them.

The first robbery is only surpassed by the last. The in-between stories have many sub-plots that are interesting and necessary. The movie ends with all plots resolved. The robbery plans are well portrayed and the entire story is very well told. Jason Statham is one of my favorite actors and Jennifer Lopez plays an excellent supporting role. I give it 4 of 5 stars.

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