Valentine’s Day Recipe for Romance

Valentine’s Day is reserved for lovers to express their feelings in their own way. Some say it with flowers. Others know that chocolate is the key to their lover’s heart. At my house, it’s Chinese food–a tradition for 30 years, now.

Valentine’s Day ideas for romance can include any or all of the items on this recipe list:

  1. A dozen red roses in a floral arrangement (with a personal note)
  2. Chocolate assortment (brand names, truffles, or your favorite candy)
  3. A bottle of wine (we still like Beringer White Zinfandel)
  4. A couple of movie tickets (we both like chick flicks)
  5. Dinner at a favorite restaurant (we traditionally choose Chinese)
  6. Massages for two (set the mood for relaxation)
  7. A mushy (or cute) Valentine’s Day card (use of pet names and innuendo is a must)
  8. A personal original poem (we do Limericks)
  9. A bubble bath (Jacuzzi tub for 2 is sexy)
  10. A different bedroom (a night away from home is romantic)

Choose one or more of the items on this list. Plan the date. Have fun with your lover.

At the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, we can help you plan a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway that can include several of the ingredients listed. There are several pre-arranged getaway packages to choose from, or a new recipe can be created just for you with our help.

Celebrations are not limited to just Valentine’s Day. Our busy schedules do not always allow for a mid-week celebration, as the holiday falls on a Thursday this year. February is the month we try to be romantic. We can all use a little more romance, so these packages can be made available 365 days a year.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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