Movie Review: Bullet to the Head *****

Bullet to the Head is a Sylvester Stallone movie about a lifelong hit man, Jimmy Bonomo. Bonomo works for very bad people and kills people who are worse. A hit goes down, then an attempt is made to erase the hitmen. Bonomo survives and goes out for revenge. He connects with an out-of-town cop who lost a partner to the same people who hired him. This unlikely pair then has to decide on doing it by the book or reaping vengeance. Lots of shooting and vigilante style justice.

The entire movie takes place in New Orleans. Seedy characters include government, police force, businessmen, and socialites. There is a side story with Bonomo’s tattoo artist daughter that works very well in the context of the movie. The story is well told. The ending is final, but leaves me hoping there could be a sequel featuring this cast of characters.

Stallone looks great in a suit, a t-shirt, or just his tattoos. He is in fantastic condition at 66 and delivers another very good starring role in a very good movie. There are many familiar faces and new actors that round out the cast. Excellent characters and storyline that was easy to follow from start to finish. Amusing and relevant dialogue. Outstanding soundtrack. The best movie I’ve seen this year. 5 out of 5 stars.

NCG Cinemas in nearby Coldwater Michigan shows new release movies like “Bullet to the Head” in a modern multi-screen theater with stadium seating. This theater is about a half hour from the Munro House B&B in Jonesville. 8 screens provide a little wider selection of movies than our local theater.

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