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A Good Day to Die Hard is the 5th movie in the Die Hard franchise starring Bruce Willis as New York Detective John McClane. In this flick, McClane’s son is in trouble in Russia. The two have been estranged for several years and there is fear that the legal trouble is drug related. McClane flies to Russia to try to help. It turns out that secrets were kept and all is not as it seems. Together, they get involved in a criminal escape and chase down bad guys that have files that relate to nuclear weapons. There are crosses, double-crosses, and more. 

More vehicles were wrecked in the first half hour than in any movie I can remember. The crashes and smashes were almost to the point of being ridiculous. All of McClane’s lines were written as humorous. Most of the lines were not. None of the lines were memorable. The best scene is the demise of the bad guy via helicopter–shocking. The ending was stupid.

This was easily the weakest of the Die Hard movies. I was very disappointed. The plot was delayed. The family moments were lame. The story was so-so. The animation was 20th century. The movie was close to awful, and McClane didn’t say “yippee ki-yay Mother Russia”, like was quoted in the movie poster. There was hope that the cab driver would have a reprise scene, but that didn’t happen either. Only 2 of 5 stars. 

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