President’s Day Special Pricing

For people who get President’s Day off of work, a three day weekend in February is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, this is one of those holidays that is not celebrated by everybody with a paid day off. The Post Office will not be delivering mail, courtrooms will be quiet, and ATMs will be the best way to do your banking. But factories, shopping centers, and most other businesses will treat this as just another Monday.

The holiday was originally called Washington’s Birthday and celebrated on February 22. Lincoln was born on February 12,
so it was decided that both President’s would be honored on the 3rd
Monday in February. That day would fall between the birthdays of both
great Presidents. Ironically, The 3rd Monday never falls on either
President’s actual birthday.

People who do not have to work on Monday, February 18, have an opportunity to make it a long weekend at the Munro House Bed & Breakfast in Jonesville with special pricing on Sunday night, February 17. Guests who just stay Sunday nights get rooms for $99-$169. Guests who also stay Saturday night at regular price get the same room on Sunday for just $79.

This holiday falls on the weekend following Valentine’s Day. Couples who want to treat this as a romantic getaway can make it a 2 night, or 3 night, package. Dinner and spa packages are available 7 days a week.

Mike Venturini
“Life is good in Jonesville”


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