Romance Today???

Just look at all the romantic comedies, they pull at your tears having them
let go at the end.  Today it just sums it
up as: romance is in our heart and soul. 
It’s an art form, taking a normal day and making it into something very

It is very much like being on the Mediterranean Sea sitting at an outdoor
cafe at night.  The flickering of the
candle on the small table illuminating the love between the two of you, the murmur
of other voices in the night, the sounds of soft laughter from other
tables.  The sound of the Mediterranean
Sea to the starlit night that is just for you and your lover.  The taste of romance in the glass of wine,
and reaching for your lover’s hand, it’s seductive.

It’s very easy to bring the Mediterranean Sea to your own corner of your
life with the one you love.  Valentine’s
Day is reserved for lovers to express their feelings in their own way. Some say
it with flowers, and cards have been a staple in the stores with well written
verses.  You have to bring it past the
norm, take it to the next level pulling at the tears in your eyes.  Be inventive; change yourself into the Mediterranean

Owning a Bed and Breakfast and being that self- proclaimed Mediterranean
lover myself, I have not only reinvented myself, but others.  From red roses with a personal note stating
how deep the love goes from your soul. 
Bringing a picnic blanket with you to place on the floor to enjoy the
decadent glass of wine in a dimly lit room with soft music playing.  It brings springtime to the night in the dead
of winter. 

Dinner is erotic with a romantic meal and the holding of hands. It’s the
moment. It’s the love between two people’s souls that are linked forever.  It’s the blushing and the look in the eyes,
the moment you know that you love that person all over again from that

Massages await, to release all the stress and tension from your day-to-day
life.  It transforms you to leave the
days past far behind, and brings you to be the lover you actually are.  Go back to the warm fireplace that flickers
in the night, wrapped in each other’s arms and the tasting of chocolates, which
is exquisite on the others lips.  The
sweetness, the richness of chocolate is reserved for those in love.  You have to experience it as a seductive
touch and the breath of romance.

The Jacuzzi tub with soft bubbles is calling out for two.  Leaning back in your lovers arms with theirs entwined with yours, just close your eyes and let out a big sigh and then
breathe in the fragrance from the roses that symbolize deep true love, left
with a handwritten note that has expressed the passionate words reserved
for only your lovers eyes.  Scents
trigger the senses and you drift back to the Mediterranean Sea.

This is what I do best with the one I love, and owning Munro House Bed and Breakfast brings all those love-struck souls to my front door.  Take a chance and let those romantic feelings
come out and bring the one you love to my front door. 

Is this just for St Valentine’s Day?  Never.

Lori Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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