Park House Inn Saugatuck MI

As an innkeeper, it is always fun to visit another B&B to be on the other side of hospitality in a different area of Michigan. Having lived here for 14 years, this was our first opportunity to getaway to Saugatuck. We met friends at the Park House Inn for a quick getaway to this famous resort town on the coast of Lake Michigan. This classic inn is located just a few blocks away from the action in downtown Saugatuck.

We arrived early and experienced this tourist town in the off season of March. Many stores and galleries were not yet open. The businesses that were open had a fair amount of clientele for mid week in early Spring. A special treat was the Butler Restaurant. We stopped for lunch and had what just might be the best hamburger I have ever had in Michigan. A half pound of meat was grilled the way I like it and served on a sesame seed bun with the works. A side of home made Butler Chips was a nice bonus.

About 40 innkeepers gathered at the Park House for a beer and wine tasting party with a big selection of pizza. Locally brewed and fermented beverages were offered for nourishment and enjoyment. Seasoned and aspiring bed and breakfast operators met to discuss business, network resources, and enjoy social intercourse. A good amount of common space provided opportunities to mingle with most of the other guests.

We retired to our comfortable room, had a good night’s sleep, and awoke to a big breakfast. A selection of scrambled eggs and french toast was served buffet style with sides of fresh fruit and sausage links along with juice, tea, and coffee. Our first experience in Saugatuck was very pleasant with good food, good friends, and good accommodations.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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