Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen *****

Olympus Has Fallen” is an action movie, starring Gerard Butler, about the attempted takeover of the White
House. The film is set in Washington D.C. and follows a plan to infiltrate the White House, take top officials hostage, and force them to divulge information that will ultimately cause the demise of America.

Butler plays a Secret Service agent who was demoted to desk duty after an accident involving the President and his wife took him off of the First Family detail. He happens to be near the White House when the siege begins and does his best to help out. He gets stuck inside the White House and uses his Secret Service knowledge to try to protect the First Family, thwart the terrorist plan, and rescue the hostages.

This is a high action assault story with a plan to destroy America in an unusual manner. The acting is strong and the story is well told. The assault is very well thought out. There is lots of shooting and killing. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place in an acceptable manner and include futuristic high tech weapons on both sides. I was engaged from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed the film. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

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