Repairing a Bridge on the Baw Beese Trail

The Baw Beese Trail is a hike-bike path that runs from downtown Jonesville to Baw Beese Lake on the South side of Hillsdale. The best part of this trail runs between the transfer station and downtown Hillsdale. This segment is away from traffic and meanders through a long wooded area within the city of Hillsdale. On this section near Oak Street is a bridge that was constructed and maintained by the Exchange Club.


After many years of use, it recently became necessary to recondition the bridge. A contingent of club members got together and began the renovations. The first step required the ramps leading to the bridge to be removed and replaced. A handful of members got together after work and replaced the approach and guardrails on both sides of the bridge in just a few hours.

The second step required the addition of stones and cement on the underside to support the bridge and prevent the erosion of the ground underneath. A load was brought over from a remote location, the cement was mixed and poured, and the job got done in just a few hours.

The final task was to stain our handiwork. That was a one man job that completed the project for the benefit of the people who enjoy the outdoors in Hillsdale County.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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