Back to School Getaway Packages in Southern Michigan

Going back to school in Michigan means that Labor Day weekend is the last chance for a romantic getaway. There are just a few weeks left before the holiday changes our plans with what we’ve been used to all Summer. The Munro House B&B in Jonesville has a couple of special getaway packages that will put a nice finish to the end of the season. Whether it’s a weekend in August or a weekend in September, arrangements can be made to fill your getaway time with relaxing activities.

The Summer Getaway Package is active through August and includes 2 Dinners, 2 Massages, 2 Movie Passes, and Ice Cream added to 2 nights bed and breakfast at the Munro House. The dinners are at 2 great restaurants located just an easy 2 block walk away. The massages are done in house by one of the finest masseuses in Michigan. Choices of ice cream come from the local people’s choice for ice cream in the county. Your choice of new release movies on 7 screens is a short drive away in Hillsdale. You can choose your favorite room and enjoy our signature breakfasts each morning. The price is $298 plus the cost of the room.

The Back to School Package in available through mid September and leaves more time for relaxing, getting caught up on your reading, or kicking back and watching cable. This getaway packages includes the dinners and massages, added to bed and breakfast. The price is $288 plus the cost of the room.


The room prices fluctuate. Weekends are regular priced, weekdays are discounted, and the Labor Day weekend has special reduced pricing on all rooms. Choose a weekday, weekend, or holiday getaway to the Southern Michigan town of Jonesville for a pre-planned agenda for relaxation just a short drive from several big cities in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Jonesville is located as the center point about an hour between Ann Arbor, Lansing, Battle Creek, Shipshewana, and Toledo. Detroit, Kalamazoo, and South Bend are about an hour and a half away.

The rooms are comfortable, the food is good, and the agenda is laid out so you can just arrive and leave the decision making to us. Ideal for adult students, teachers, couples, and parents to enjoy one last getaway before school starts.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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