November is Murder Mystery Month in Southern Michigan

Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville Michigan is hosting 4 murder mystery weekends in November. All 4 murder mystery dinners are on Saturday nights. The chosen dates are November 16, 23, and 30–November 9 is SOLD OUT. There is a one night package and a two night package. The two night package also includes dinner for 2 on Friday night at the best restaurant in Hillsdale County–Olivia’s Chop House.

We have a pool of games that we like to play. Some are ideal for 8 players, others for 10 players, and another for 12 people. We have hosted hundreds of murder mysteries over 13 years and have always had enough people to play. A full 5 course meal is served while the game is played.

We play a very casual game where guests come as they are. They quickly become our entertainment for the evening as everyone becomes a character and is give a role to play. We dress everyone up with a hat, scarf, or prop that helps to define and distinguish each person. Then everyone gets clues that must be divulged during the course of dinner. At the end, a showdown allows everyone to make a case for who they think the killer is and why they did it. The party ends when we tell everyone who didn’t do it, and why they couldn’t have done it, until the guilty party is exposed. A full explanation is given, complete with the clues that identify the guilty party.

The best deal is on the weekend following Thanksgiving when the 2 night murder mystery package is reduced by $100 with the GOBBLER discount. Each weekend already has guests booked, so availability is limited and every murder mystery weekend is confirmed.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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