$1,000 Wedding Package for Christmas in Michigan


Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, is the home of the Thousand Dollar Wedding. Couples can tie the knot at an affordable price in an elegant location classically decorated for Christmas. The $1,000 Wedding Package includes the location, officiant, flowers for the bride and groom, plus a custom cake with a soft drink reception for up to 20 people, along with 2 nights bed and breakfast for the newlyweds in any available room. Young people on a budget and older people getting married for the 2nd time find the $1,000 Wedding Package at Munro House to be an exceptional value.

A local florist creates a tight bouquet of red roses that is easy for the bride to handle, It doubles as a centerpiece when placed in a vase following the festivities. A large single red rose is provided for the groom to wear as a boutonniere. A local baker has all of the imagination and talent of a Cake Boss on TV. A photograph of a wedding cake from Pinterest can be recreated, or a style can be chosen to allow the baker to make a unique creation using the theme of the couples’ choice. 



The bride and groom themed double chocolate dipped strawberries are a festive alternative to plastic wedding toppers. When kids attend the wedding, special cupcakes are an easy to handle, and special treat for the youngsters.


A 12′ Christmas Tree adorned with 3,000 lights and 3,000 bulbs is an excellent backdrop for photo opportunities at Christmas time with exceptional ambiance in this great old house. The huge parlor comfortably accommodates 20 guests for the brief service. A musician could play the Wedding March on the Munro House’s baby grand piano, or the player function could be utilized to automatically play a selection of appropriate songs. The bride typically walks down the stairs while photographers snap pictures. The father of the bride meets her at the bottom and escorts her into the parlor where the wedding party awaits. Modern vows can be found online, traditional vows can be used, or personal vows can be written for the resident officiant to lead. A complete ceremony usually takes about 15 minutes, followed be a typical cake reception lasting about 2 hours.

Congratulations are expressed in a receiving line while champagne (supplied by the family) is poured. The cake is cut and a toast is offered. Pictures are taken while the families meet and commiserate. An hors d’ouevres party at Munro House is an option for a light meal following the wedding. Two excellent restaurants with private dining rooms are just 2 blocks away. Arrangements can be made for a dinner reception to be held at either location.

The wedding is not complete until the papers are signed. Signatures from the bride, groom, witnesses, and officiant make the ceremony official. Munro House’s $1,000 Wedding Package is proof that a wedding can be very nice and still affordable.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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