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The Munro House Bed & Breakfast in Jonesville is a great location in Southern Michigan to hold a business meeting and/or dinner party. A group of innkeepers from the Michigan Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association recently rented the entire house and hosted a meet-and-greet for about 30 people. The event started with a board meeting that lasted all afternoon. A high speed wireless internet system assured all board members that they would have online access to their marketing and meeting materials. A large meeting table comfortably sat 7 board members with room for more. Soft drinks and cookies were served during breaks. 
The meeting adjourned and the membership relaxed in their comfortable rooms as they prepared for the meet-and-greet. Pizza was chosen as the finger food of choice from Main Street Pizza located just a block and a half away. Varieties included simple, vegetarian, hearty, special, and gluten free. A selection of wine along with the first day of release brew of Oberon Beer from Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo were the featured beverages, along with soft drinks and an assortment of tea. A veggie tray was also prepared for those folks watching their calories, limiting their indulgences, or making healthy choices. 
Innkeepers from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron and from the Thumb to the Irish Hills gathered for an evening of shop talk, mentoring, and socializing in the spacious common areas of the Munro House. Some of the guests were seasoned and well-groomed while others were newbies, rookies, or aspiring bed and breakfast owners. Round table discussions, plus mingling in small groups or one-on-ones, were evident throughout the house as attendees discussed business, dreams, and extra curricular activities in the comfort of this great old house.

Innkeeping can be a lonely occupation. The only people who really know what the job entails is your mate or partner, along with your colleagues and your competitors. Because the job carries strange hours, the frequency of available time to commiserate with peers is very limited. Taking the time to attend a regularly scheduled get-together is a healthy reminder that a face to face meeting with people in your industry is a much needed break from day-to-day chores and rituals.

Groups from 8 to over 100 people have had their events hosted at the Munro House. Business meetings, anniversaries, and birthday parties are the most common events held at the Munro House. Bachelorette parties, baby showers, and more can be facilitated in this great historic house. Food is negotiable. Choices range from a large assortment of house specialties to local restaurant fare, including pizza and barbeque, and more. Finger food is more appropriate than a sit down dinner at a meeting where mingling is encouraged. Soft drinks are always available and guests are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

Business associates, families, and friends are welcome to schedule a house party hosted at the Munro House.

Mike Venturini
“Life is good in Jonesville”


4 thoughts on “House Party at Michigan Bed & Breakfast

  1. Mr. Mike, I loved being at your Munro House finally. It was a great place for our meeting and the reception, and as you point out, it's so important for innkeepers to get out of the house and get together now and then. I learned that life really IS good in Jonesville. Thanks again for being the supreme host! — Laurel Parrott from the Kalamazoo House

  2. Mike, The Munro House was everything I envisioned and more. You have such a gift for making others feel welcome and special. May you continue to enjoy life as an innkeeper, sharing your gifts and wisdom. Thanks to you and Lori for a successful gathering. Cathy Russell at White Swan Inn, Whitehall, MI

  3. Thanks Cathy. People have been coming to the Munro House for about 180 years now. There has always been something special about this place.

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