Sauk Theater Festival of One Act Plays

Community Theater is vibrant once again at The Sauk in downtown Jonesville May 2-4, 2014. The Festival of One Acts” was well attended on opening night. 8 short One Act Plays were performed by the diverse and talented ensemble of Hillsdale Community Theater (HCT) with one intermission. The productions included real life, fantasy, and farce with a message to ponder entwined in the dialogue of each. A cast and crew of more than 30 individuals created a delightful evening of entertainment suitable for young and old. The featured characters included normal people, super heroes, lovers, family, elderly people, a gum shoe, a conscience, and Count Dracula.


The festival starts with a carnival barker who lays down the rules of how an audience is supposed to behave. Then, a couple of guys meet in a Bizzaro World restaurant where nothing is as it seems. Next, a Super Hero dies and good vs. evil in the modern world is contemplated. Afterward, a doctor-patient relationship is analyzed. Then, a man and a woman get stuck together on a Ferris Wheel with unforeseen personal consequences. The side-effects of getting old is displayed humorously. Then a young son tries to talk his dad out of leaving the family. Finally, an old-school private-eye hunts down Count Dracula to save the virgins.

‘I’m Not Old, Just Misunderstood’ was written by HCT charter member Bud Vear–who also stars as the lead character. Much of this play could be based on anyone’s personal experience with a parent or a grand-parent. It is very well acted by Bud and veteran HCT player, Mike Sutton. Two older guys finally meet up for lunch after each showing up at the wrong place. A series of old people jokes are woven into the script with impeccable timing. The lines are few, but the laughs are long and frequent. To see the local talent’s accomplishments expand to include the writing of a play (and its world debut) is a testament to the quality of our
community theater.

Les Miserables is coming to The Sauk June 12-22. It is one of the most popular Broadway Plays of all time and will be showcased in Jonesville for 2 weekends in June. The cast is currently at 49 actors with an orchestra of 14. This is one of the largest adult casts in the history of The Sauk. I anticipate that every show will be sold out in advance, so pre-ordering tickets for this production will be absolutely necessary. To be sure to get a seat on the night of your choice, know that the box office at The Sauk will be open during Riverfest on May 17 for walk-up sales only. The box office will officially open for online and walk-up sales on June 2.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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