Talk Like a Pirate to Get a Deal

Yo-ho-ho! Ahoy there, Maties! The nineteenth day o’ September-r-r-r is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Arr-r-r-r! We choose to celebrate this li’l known holiday with a li’l bit o’ fun. So, shiver me timbers! We’ll make it worth yer while to “get yer Pirate on” when arranging to drop anchor for a two night stay that includes Friday, the 19th day of September-r-r-r. All ye have to do is call us and ‘talk like a pirate’ whilst making yer reservation to conjure up me pieces of eight, savvy? All ye who do will get some booty at no extra char-r-r-rge that includes dinner-r-r-r fer 2 at ye Saucy Dog’s Bar-r-r-r-beque on one night and dinner fer 2 at Olivia’s Chop House on the other. Arr-r-r-r!

Blimey! Ye may wear yer dew rag, eye patch, and hooped ear ring, or come as a landlubber, but ye have to talk like a pirate to acquire me treasur-r-r-re. They be plastic doubloons changeable fer food. Aye, if ye make yer reservation online, ye can get no treasur-r-r-re. But if ye call us direct, the booty be yers when ye make a parley whilst talking like a pirate. Bar-r-r-beque and fine dining be waitin’ fer ye. Privateers and buccaneers be welcome, but the son of a biscuit eater can stay ashore. Arr-r-r-r!

Give yer matey the old heave-ho and git him to make the call. Then pack yer duffle, batten down the hatches, scale the mizzen mast, climb into the crow’s nest, and set three sheets to the wind fer Jonesville. Follow the rules or walk the plank, ye scallywags. A floggin’ be waiting for ye on the poop deck for any hornswagglin’ salty dogs! Arr-r-r!

Mike Venturini
“Life is good in Jonesville”


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