Wild Hogs Motorcycle Riders in Michigan

Three guys from India decided to make it a guys’ weekend and came to Jonesville. These lifelong friends now live in Michigan, Massachusetts, and India.  They called the Harley-Davidson Dealer in Cement City and rented 3 Can-Am motorcycles–those are the 3 wheelers with 2 in the front and 1 in the back. It was their objective to make this a “Wild Hogs” weekend adventure for men. 
Day 1 of the agenda was to pick up their bikes and get to their headquarters–the Munro House B&B in Joneville. The group leader saw a picture of the innkeeper online riding his motorcycle and had a feeling that this would be a great fit for the bikers. He was right. The camaraderie was immediate and the recommendations were taken into consideration. The guys chose individual rooms, then went out for a great dinner before getting a good night’s sleep before going on their road trip.

Day 2 was an entire day of riding after a hearty breakfast. The objective was to go to Hell. Hell, Michigan, is an actual place about 60 miles away. A route was chosen that led them through the back roads of Southern Michigan. Upon their return, they told us about their adventure in Hell. They were greeted by folks asking them “how the Hell are ya?” and left as folks told them to “get the Hell out of here.” It was all in good fun as the trio enjoyed their day in Hell. A recommendation was made to take a glider ride in Gregory Michigan where they continued their adventure. They returned home to Jonesville and had another pleasant dinner before retiring to their individual rooms.

Day 3 included a big breakfast, a short ride, and the return of the trikes, before heading back to their individual homes. The man-cation was over, but the guys created memories that will last a lifetime–not just for them, but for everyone they encountered, especially the grateful innkeepers at the Munro House who lived vicariously through their adventure.

Mike Venturini – Innkeeper

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  1. Wonderful reading this….We at 50+Bulleteers, Bangalore do breakfast rides once a month. Every 3rd month we combine a community service activity along with our ride.We are a group of 460..but the core group is just 20 members!. Thump thump and cheers

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