2015 Murder Mystery Dinner

We have hosted a lot of Murder Mystery dinners at the Munro House. Our first dinner party was in 2000, and we have done hundreds of them since. It is a fun evening with my wife, Lori, as the hostess. She is the one who loosens everybody up, gets them into a playful mood, explains how the game is played, and chooses the best game for the people in the house on that night. I am on kitchen duty. Lori selects the menu and organizes the meal while we prepare it together.


We need 8 people to play. If you have 8 people who are interested in participating in a Murder Mystery, we will do it for you on any available date. The table seats 12 comfortably, so 8-12 guests are the numbers that work the best for us. If you have just 2 couples that are interested in participating in a Murder Mystery, you can get a new Murder Mystery started. We will promote the date and fill the table for you, as long as we have at least 6 weeks notice to market the event. We have always been fortunate to have enough people to play the game. Once the event is set, we have never had to cancel due to lack of interest.

The evening begins with appetizers and wine. Introductions are made, stories are told, and the mood is set for a fun and interactive night of who-done-it. The murder scene is described and the characters are assigned. Everyone gets a funky hat and a script to assist their portion of the mystery. Even the guilty party does not know they did it, so nothing they say will “let’s the cat out of the bag”. Soup, salad, and entree are served while the game is played. Ad-libbing is encouraged in this social event. The mystery is solved over dessert. One-by-one, everyone gets a chance to point a finger at who they think is guilty and why they may be the killer. The finger may even be pointed at themselves. Then, one-by-one we tell you who didn’t do it and why they couldn’t have done it.

Finally, the killer is identified and it becomes pretty clear who did it. If you have been paying attention, remember the subtle clues, and put all of the pieces together, you may be able to identify the killer. If not, it sure is fun to try to solve the mystery over a 5 course meal. There is a one night Package for $119 plus the cost of your room, and a two night package for $169 plus the cost of your room. On the 2 night package, get dinner for two at Olivia’s Chop House as part of your package. The one night stay requires you to arrive at normal check in time–3:00, but no later than 5:00.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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