B&B Bathroom Makeover

The timing was right for a bathroom makeover. It was a slow time of year and there was money in the bank. Time and money are the two things most necessary to accomplish a remodel of the bathroom. January is generally pretty slow and last year was a good year, so things were lined up. The objective was to make the bathroom more functional, comfortable, and warm. The room had an ample size sink a regular toilet and a small tub with a shower head. The plan was to change the flow from sink-tub-toilet to sink-toilet shower. To accomplish this, it was necessary to remove the tub and insert a walk-in shower. Another objective was to increase the size of the sink and vanity to allow counter space for guest’s toiletries. Finally, moving the toilet to a more functional location required professional services. Unfortunately a lot of labor is involved to complete a project in what is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. To accomplish everything in the most practical and economical manners, we decided to become our own contractors. We hired the Amish to do the tear out, our plumber to move the pipes, and our electrician to improve the wiring.

The walls and floor were easy to dismantle and remove. Once the pipes were exposed, measurements of the incoming vanity, toilet, and shower unit were taken to move the pipes to the correct location. The electrician planned for the placement of electrical outlets and instructed the laborers in what was necessary to prepare for the heated floors we intended to install. The three crews coordinated their timing to be available when necessary to do the job efficiently. We maintained a storage closet and the ceiling entrance to our Underground Railroad secret room while enlarging the room to a comfortable use of the available space. More light, a better ceiling fan, and sufficient power outlets were also accomplished. Unfortunately, the toilet location moved directly in line with a full size window. To maintain privacy, a stained glass film was adhered to the window. The film was not as wide as the window, so we used black latex paint to frame the film to make it look like part of the stained glass. Its opaque color allows natural light to come in, but allows for privacy of the person using the stool.

The room is about 6′ X 20′. It is amazing how long the project actually took. Each individual portion went rather quickly. However, the next step couldn’t be made until the previous one was finished entirely. A missing piece that needed to be ordered put the schedule back a day or two. A broken vanity, that was not discovered until it was removed from the box, put another delay in the project. Then, work had to be rescheduled, while respecting their other clients who had schedules and deadlines to meet, too. Finally, all of the components were installed, and all that was left to do was to paint. A fair amount of money can be saved by painting yourself. It took about 5 weeks to remodel the smallest room in the house. It seems like it should be such a simple task. However, when their is labor, water, and electricity involved, there is no such thing as a simple task. When experts are required to keep everything safe and up to code, there is a significant cost associated with that. Being your own contractor can save thousands of dollars.

We have a complete remodel of Julia’s bathroom. The look is modern, the concept is open, and the floors are warm. It has been a long time coming, but the work is done and we are looking forward to our guests enjoying the improvements.

Mike Venturini
Munro House Bed and Breakfast

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