April Appetite Getaway Package

A spring break getaway package for Foodies is available in Michigan for the first 15 days of April. All meals at great restaurants in Hillsdale County are part of this 2 night package that includes bed and breakfast. We know how much people like to try new restaurants. It is hit or miss in a new place without the recommendation of the locals. In Jonesville, Munro House is the authority on the best places to eat. Most of the eateries are a short walk from their downtown location, One is a short drive that is worth 10 minutes travel time.

Olivia’s Chop House offers fine dining in a casual atmosphere. It is located just two blocks away, and is an easy walk to dinner. With no dress code, it’s a come as you are kind of place. They feature steaks and seafood, but also offer a pork shank, roast duck, and a nightly special as a main course. Who ever heard of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato soup? It’s on the menu, and it’s spectacular. I think they have the best calamari on the planet. Almost everybody I say this to comes back and says I was right. It is tender, not chewy and I know the secret ingredient! Creme Brulee is a very nice dessert, but if it’s a special occasion, you might want to order a flaming dessert that they will prepare, table side, at Olivia’s.

Johnny T’s Bistro is a 10 minute drive to the South East side of Hillsdale for another great meal in a casual decor. Johnny T’s is the #1 place to go in Hillsdale for a fine dining experience. An excellent variety of steak and seafood is on the menu along with the best French Onion Soup, anywhere. Many of their entrees have a Cajun flair, so interesting flavors are available at Johnny T’s.

Saucy Dog is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. It’s just barbeque, but it is done well. The meats are smoked for half a day, or more, and are served dry with a variety of sauces on the side. Ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and sandwiches dominate the menu, but I’m there for the brisket. They make it as a sandwich, a wrap, deep fried, and plain. I like it every way. The prices are reasonable. The food and staff are exceptional. It is located just 2 blocks from my house.

The Udder Side is an ice cream place just 3 blocks away on highway 12. They serve burgers and fries, but most everybody goes there for hard pack or soft serve ice creams and the many concoctions they have invented. The short walk to and from The Udder Side is a good thing when going for ice cream. The things they make are very filling. Incorporating them with a walk is the best way to justify the treat.

I am “the man” at breakfast time in the kitchen. Everything is made-to-order with several choices every day. Eggs and oatmeal are always on the menu. Eggs can be fried, scrambled, or omelet–occasionally, I offer Eggs Benedict. Oatmeal can have lots of goodies inside. An additional alternating menu item might include Belgian Waffles, French Toast, or German Pancakes. The main item is prepped ahead of time, while eggs and oatmeal can be created on-the-fly.  Being a short order cook is a good thing when several people come to the table with different tastes. There is always coffee, fruit, and juice to get people started. This is followed by a big breakfast with good conversation, because at Munro House, nobody sits alone.

The Foodie Retreat incorporates all of these places. A typical agenda looks like this:

  • Check in at Munro House
  • Dinner at Olivia’s Chop House
  • Sleep over at Munro House
  • Breakfast at Munro House
  • Lunch at Saucy Dog
  • Ice Cream at the Udder Side
  • Dinner at Johnny T’s Bistro
  • Sleep over at Munro House
  • Breakfast at Munro House
  • Check out
The Foodie Retreat is available at Munro House for Monday-Friday check-ins. Some of the restaurants are not open on Sunday, so it can not be offered 7 days a week. The best pricing on this 2 day getaway is available during the first 15 days of January, April, and July.
Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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