Southern Michigan Fall Getaway Ideas

We have several Fall Getaway Ideas that couples can enjoy for an Autumn Getaway. Fall is my favorite time of year. I want to get out and do things. I want to enjoy the sunshine and the mild temperatures. I want to view the farmers’ harvest and the color change of the landscape. I want to eat simple meals during the day and go to a great restaurant at night. Above all, I want to spend time with my wife.

After long weeks making decisions at work and at home, it’s nice to take a weekend getaway and have a good deal of the decisions made for you. That is why the Munro House Bed and Breakfast has set up packages to create an easy to follow agenda with highly recommended activities where some of the weekend decisions are limited to what time do we eat? and which menu items look the best? The rest is part of our plan. Great restaurants are just 2 blocks away. Choose barbeque or fine dining. A 7 screen movie theater is 6 minutes away. Choose one of several newly released movies. A selection of high quality masseuses can be scheduled to give you the rub down in the comfort of this great old house. Backroads can be recommended to view Amish and traditional farms along with the Fall colors as the leaves change.

Our Foodie Package includes all your meals at our favorite restaurants. Our Romantic Getaway Package includes dinners, flowers, chocolates, and massages. Our Fall Getaway Package includes dinners, massages, and movie tickets. Our All Inclusive Getaway Package has dinners, lunch, chocolates, movies tickets, massages, pedicures, and facials. Each package can be added to a 2 day bed and breakfast getaway. For those people who can only get away for a single night, our One Night Stand Package is dinner and a movie to go with bed and breakfast.

All of these arrangements can be made in a simple 5-7 minute phone call. Your agenda will be set so that it might look like you went out and made all of the arrangements, but in reality, a well proven package was picked from several choices. Any time is a good time for a Fall getaway. Leaves are coming down already and the colors are starting to change. Peak season will be sometime in October. But peak temperatures are in late September. Let’s get together and plan a getaway.



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