2015 Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

November is Murder Mystery Month at Munro House in Jonesville. An interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Party is scheduled for 3 weekends in November. A 5 course dinner is served while guests participate in the murder mystery. Parties will be held the weekends of November 14, 21, and 28. The good news is that at Munro House, you don’t have to bring an entire group to have an event. We have opened these dates up to the public, and we have always had enough people to play. Four couples are required. The best games have between 8 and 12 players. The first weekend is already sold out.
There is no pressure to be prepared for the Murder Mystery at the Munro House. Guests do not need to purchase costumes to wear for their role, and no one has to rehearse their lines. We take care of all of that. Players arrive and are invited to engage in small talk in preparation for the evening. Our hostess selects appropriate character roles for the different personalities that arrive for the event. A hat from our costume closet differentiates the various  roles that will be assumed during the party.


A script is provide for each participant. The script consists of 4-8 lines of dialogue in each of 3 acts that must be delivered by each character during the course of dinner. Ad-libbing is encouraged. Even the murderer does not know of their guilt, so no one can “spill the beans” during the course of dinner. After 3 acts of play, a discussion of the evening ensues. Fingers are pointed, and everyone gets a chance to make a case for who they think is the guilty party. One by one, we tell you who didn’t do it, and why. Finally, one character is left, and it is explained how they are obviously the guilty party.
Murder mysteries are done 3 weekends in November and on random dates throughout the year. A 5 course dinner is served while guests play the game. Additionally, a private event can be scheduled for groups of 4-6 couples on any available date. 2 Night packages start at $487. 1 night packages start at $278.

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