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My wife is somewhat of an expert at finding affordable health care policies through the government website. People living in Michigan have a lot of choices when it comes to health insurance. Lori will take the time to walk you through the process to figure out what kind of policy you need, what kind of coverage could fit your lifestyle, and what kind of subsidy you may claim. Just book a room at Munro House B&B in Jonesville on any Monday through Friday night in November or December, and she will help you navigate the healthcare website to choose a plan that could work for you and your family. Then, you can take the policy number to your local insurance agent and have them confirm that it is good for you and have them write the policy to get you insured with an affordable policy.

Many people have no experience with affordable health care, but have a huge opinion about it. Unless you are enrolled in the program, you have no first-hand experience with a real policy and how it works. Truthfully, it has made significant changes to the way insurance companies treat their policy holders, and has made health care affordable for millions of people who have taken the time to see how it can work for them. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, is not an insurance policy. It is a law that lists guidelines that insurance companies must follow in order to provide Americans with comprehensive insurance policies without restrictions. It allows policy holders to choose the amount of coverage they want at a price they can afford.

Most Americans get their health insurance through work. Their employer chooses the insurance plans that will be offered. The ACA affects their insurance, too, but the policies we will be talking about are the ones available to individuals who are self-employed or do not get insurance through their employer. The changes that are the most valuable include:

  1. You can no longer be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition.
  2. You can no longer have your insurance cancelled because you get very, very sick.
  3. You can no longer be denied insurance for any reason.
  4. You no longer have an annual maximum benefit payout.
  5. You no longer have a lifetime maximum benefit payout.
  6. You can choose a policy that pays for annual preventive care.
  7. You can choose how much you will pay out of your own pocket before insurance takes over.
  8. You can choose the most you will pay out of your own pocket in a year for hospital bills.
  9. You can choose the best policy that will work for you under your circumstances.
  10. You can have your monthly payment reduced based on your income.
  11. Your kids can be on your plan until they are 26 years old.

We have experience with how horrible health insurance used to be and have first-hand experience with how these changes directly affect us in a positive way. The ACA questionnaire is short and simple. They need to know your name, age, gender, and if you are a smoker. This information is necessary for every family member to be insured under one policy. Additionally, they need to know your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). Your MAGI is what you actually earn after adjusting for allowed deductions on your annual tax return.

The best thing about the subsidies is that they are based on your income only. It doesn’t matter how big your house is or what kind of car you drive. The only thing that matters is your MAGI. That is figured out on your annual tax return. It is important that this number is predictable and accurate. If you miss the estimate of your MAGI, you could get a refund, or you could owe money when you file your annual income tax return. It is recommended to estimate the most you could earn, so you don’t owe anything extra at tax time, and might actually get a refund. Every American should take every tax deductions that they can. These subsidies are actually allowable tax deductions that people of mid to low income are able to claim.

Lori has nothing to gain by helping you find affordable health care. She enjoys educating people to understand what kinds of insurance are available in Michigan. Misinformation and political rhetoric has scared too many people into making bad decisions or no decision with regard to their health care. Visit us on a weeknight in November or December to learn more about how to choose an ACA health insurance policy. To select a new policy that takes effect January 1, you must sign up by December 15.

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