Cabin Fever Murder Mystery on January 23, 2016

The first Murder Mystery Dinner Party of 2016 is scheduled for Saturday January 23. The holidays are over, the bills are paid, and it’s time for a getaway to Southern Michigan. Join other guests for a night of deception, problem solving, and laughter when you become a character in the three act murder mystery dinner party. The game is easy, the roles are interesting, and the costumes are simple. We get couples together for an evening of interactive adult-themed fun.

Most guest arrive on Friday for a two night stay. The Murder Mystery Package includes dinner at Olivia’s Chop House. It is an easy 2 block walk around the corner for the best food for 50 miles. Everything on their menu is special. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato SOUP is interesting and spectacular. The Capri salad is refreshing. Their calamari appetizer is tender, not chewy. I’ve been tempted to eat their prime rib with a spoon. Pork rib eye, roast duck, and pecan crusted salmon offer a difficult but pleasing variety of unique entree choices. Creme Brulee for dessert is light and refreshing. There are other choices, but these are my favorites.

Saturday is party night. Guests gather over beverages and appetizer while we relax and prepare for a night of fun. Our host loosens everyone up and tells some fun stories about what has happened in the past. Roles are assigned based on personality and hats are passed out to help identify each character. A little bit of background is provided for each participant and a 3 page script is assigned. Each page has 4 to 8 clues that you must get into conversation over dinner. Appetizer, soup, salad, and entree are served while guests play the game. The puzzle is solved over dessert.

A one night package is also available for people who can only get away on Saturday night. Guests must be able to check in by 5:00 for the one nighter.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Murder Mystery on January 23, 2016

  1. I notice it's for couples what about adding one for singles? I am single and I think it would be very interesting and fun. I'm not sure of your accommodations however, maybe there isn't enough rooms? Evenjoy if a singles one isn't added I still think this is a wonderful idea and would be great fun.

  2. All of our games are designed for multiples of 2. A "couple" could be a couple of siblings or a couple of friends. Find someone to be the 2nd person in your "couple" and join us for a night of fun for both of you.

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