Michigan Spring Getaway Ideas

innkeeper selfie with man in gray tigers shirt kissed by womanCouples are always looking for a reason to get away. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are typical reasons. But are they the only reasons to take off for a few days in the middle of the week or for an entire weekend? Springtime is a very good reason to take a few days to relax and recharge. Winter is finally behind us. Several nice weekends have allowed many of us to clean up our yards. It may have been several months since we spent any time away from home. It is time for a break. We owe ourselves a reward. How about a Spring Break in Southern Michigan?
woman in black and man in blue enjoying pork rib eye with fuji apples and mashed potatoesMunro House facilitates a lot of romantic getaways to a small town in Southern Michigan that many Michiganders have never heard of. Jonesville is a city of 2,400–and it’s a happening place. Recently, Jonesville made a list of great small towns in America for food. Olivia’s Chop House, Saucy Dog’ BBQ, and The Udder Side were on the list of great places to eat in a great small town in the United States. Casual meals, fine dining, and ice cream are all part of the foodie experience here. I can’t imagine better pulled pork sandwiches, I have never seen a pork rib eye on a menu, and who doesn’t like ice cream?
masseuse performing massage on bareback woman in green roomPeople who are hard to buy gifts for are difficult, because they already have a lot of stuff. But something people purchase over and over again is a massage. Here in this small town, we do things a little different. Example: a one hour massage at most spas include 5 minutes of consultation, plus 5 minutes to dress/undress, plus 5 minutes to change the sheets. That leaves just 45 minutes of actual massage time. At the Munro House, an hour massage means one hour on the table. People with problem areas typically get more than 60 minutes on the table at the one hour price.
dark theater with man in blue shirt enjoying a large bag of popcornWho doesn’t love going to the movies? Yeah, we have HBO, Netflix, and a Blue Ray player, but there is something special about going to the movie theater and seeing a new released film on the big screen. We typically share a large pop and a big bag of popcorn, plus Twizzlers. Back when we had kids, it was always a Disney movie or something from Pixar. A true getaway can be the time to enjoy an action movie, a sexy movie, or an intense drama without the kids for a change. Our local Premiere Theater has 7 screens and generally has all of the newly released films during their first run.
Fresh fruit bowl with red raspberries blueberries pineapple green kiwiYou can come here and make all of the arrangements on your own, or we can set it all up for you. We’ve got the bed and breakfast covered. You get a uniquely decorated master bedroom and a big hot made-to-order breakfast each morning, along with conversation from your hosts. Romantic getaway packages could include dinners, lunch, movie tickets, theater tickets, roses, chocolates, massages, and more. We can put a package together in a 5-7 minute phone call that can make you look like the plan had taken a lot of thought over several weeks. There is a reason why people say that Munro House is the best place to stay in Southern Michigan. We are happy do our part to make your getaway perfect.

Mike Venturini
“Life is good in Jonesville”


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